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Treatment vulva-vaginitis at children is ma according to etiology of disease. Aboriginal treatment should be s off carefully: washing of outside sexual organs solutions of potassium permanganate (To alii hypermanganici) 1:10 open Companies; 3 % aluminum acetate (Liq. Aluminii acetic) and assidenous baths with the same agents. Syringing’s of vagina at children should be avoid. Only at vulva-vaginitis of diphtheritic parentage, corrosive burns and intoxications abundant lavages of vagina through catheter by weak disinfectant solutions of potassium permanganate, 1 % Acidum boricum was recommend. On establishment of the diagnosis of diphtheria of vagina it are recommended to introduce into it fine-bored strias of the gauze permeate with antidiphtherial Serum. Gonorrheal vulva-vaginitis at children – the Gonorrhea.

The vulvovaginitis at adults is more often observe in the form of simple, or vulgar, vulva-vaginitis (vulva-vaginitis simplex, s. vulgaris). Along with the clinical phenomena of inflammation of vulva there are hyperemia of slimy vagina and excretion are serous – purulent character. Sometimes in slimy vagina at inspection it mirrors found punctual eminences routinely with pin head as a result of inflammatory edema and infiltration of the papillary bed of the slimy. Outward of slimy vagina reminded pebble-leather (colpitis granular is). This form of inflammation of vagina isn’t certainly connected with gonorrheal etiology of disease. Excretions from vagina could be serous, purulent, and sanious and admix, various consistence and color. When transferring infection contamination to uteral cervix excretions joined them from uteral cervix. At microscopic examination in excretions found desquamated cells of vaginal epithelium, leucocytes and abundant, often various coccal flora. The diagnosis are put on the basis of the specify clinical symptoms and microscopic examinations of excretions.

Treatment simple vulva-vaginitis consisted in careful toilet of outside sexual organs and appointment of syringing’s of vagina. At abundant purulent discharges prescribed syringing’s by soda solution (3 h. l. on 5 beakers of water) and the subsequent syringing by solutions of potassium permanganate (1:5000 – 10 000).

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Sexual disorders concerned cortical (cerebral) impotency because of organic diseases and the function disorders of brain. In overwhelming majority of events the baking plate it are perceive the impotency cause by the function disorders of cortical activity, neurodynamic disturbances of irritable and brake processes (cortical impotency). At impotency because of organic diseases and traumatic damages of brain (cerebral impotency) sexual disorders rarely was halter for reversion to the doctor, because on the foreground other, more serious symptoms of disease acted.

With the practical point of view it are expedient to evolve the following three bunches cortical with Item 1) with rising of inhibit influence on sexual function, 2) with rising of exciting influence on sexual function, 3) with perversion of sexual function (see. sexual perversions). Of most frequent forms of sexual impotence the cortical impotency with rising of inhibit influence on sexual function are one. Sexual disorders at this form impotency was various depending on, whether it are accompany by inhibition of sexual excitability (sexual appetence), erections or ejaculations function. The erections are routinely inhibiting one of these centers, and in overwhelming majority of events. The cortical impotency with rising of exciting influence on sexual function are characterize by the premature eruption of the seed c in sharply express events still prior to the beginning of sexual intercourse (ejaculation ante port’s). The erection thus could be quite normal, but came often, sometimes in the most insignificant halter. In other events the erection happen poor, and the ejaculation descended at flaccid penis. Sometimes as a result of excessively express exciting influence of cerebral cortex on the sexual centers there could already be ejaculation without erection at one mental influence, for example, erotic representations. Similar disturbance of sexual function are quite often one of symptoms of the general nervosism (the hypersthene form), characterize weakening of brake process and predominance of processes of exaltation. Failure of brake process it are possible to explain the phenomena of the general rising of reflex irritability, ease of originating and storminess of reaction at nervosism that in the field of sexual sphere it are express in mild and fast offensive of erection, normal or relax, and the premature ejaculation descend sometimes before erection. Such state of pathological labiality of sexual function are especially characteristic for sick of the nervosism which pathophysiological basis are the hyperactivity and fast emaciation of cerebral cortex that are express in mild originating and fast attrition of irritable process. The similar state could take also place at primary rising of the cortical sexual excitability cause by sexual excesses, masturbation and other factors result cortical sex mechanisms in state of long pathological exaltation (the locus of congestive exaltation). In originating of premature eruption of seed of cortical, parentage the great value had series of other mental factors: phobia of failure, paver before infestation and fertilization, sense of inferiority or fault owing to dissatisfaction of the wife, change to the wife, sense of disgust to off-flavor and other disadvantages. In one events the specify causes led to disturbance of erection, in others – to disorder of ejaculation in the form of premature offensive are more it.